CPBD: Citrus Pan-genome to Breeding Database (Total visits: 242633)

   The genus Citrus comprises more than 30 species. We had published a draft genome of sweet orange and a CAP database to provide an initial platform for genetic research and breeding. With the recently rapid accumulation of genome data in Citrus, we updated genome information of Citrus sinensis (two new versions). We integrated eight published genomes including clementine mandarin, pummelo, mandarin, citron, Ichang papeda, kumquat, Trifoliate orange and Chinese box orange, and also sequenced 12 new genomes(unpublished). All these data, including 23 genomes of 17 citrus species (11 of them are published), gene expression of 4038 samples (3769 of them are published) from 13 horticultural species, variations of 167 citrus accessions mapped to two reference genome, DNA methylome of 44 samples, orthologous genes and colinear genes between 23 genomes and gene functional annotation of 23 genomes consisting of GO, IPR, KEGG Orthology and other analysis, can be retrieved from the pages. Please see page of "Statistics" for detailed information about data of this database. Several useful tools, including Sequence Fetch, Gene Search, BLAST, CRISPR Design, KEGG/GO Enrichment, JBrowse and Genome Browser, are also accessible in this database. See page of "About" for more help.

Please do not use this database for commercial purposes or genomic analysis!

If you used the data from the database, please cite the paper kindly! (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.molp.2022.08.006)

What's New

2024/03/27 A new genome, Citrus sinensis 'Jinhong Bingtang' (BTC) was added.

2024/01/25 A new genome, Citrus maxima 'Huazhouyou-tomentosa' (HZY-T) was added. Detail

2023/07/29 12 new genomes were added. Now a total of 25 genomes have been provided to download! Detail

2023/04/13 A new genome, Fortunella hindsii v2.0 was added. Detail


Gene Expression

Gene expression of samples with different treatment from 13 horticultural crops.

Variations Map

SNP&Indel in 167 accessions mapped to two reference genome respectively.

Genome Browser

A genome browser provided by JBrowse 2.0 to show genome details.


An easy-to-use tool to find similar sequences and show the alignment.


Find on-target sites and evaluate the possibility of off-targeting.


Search for orthologous genes of 9 typical species of citrus.

Sequence Fetch

Get batch seqeunces of gene, promoter, protein and genome sequences at once.

Gene Function

Search for gene function of 23 species annotated by InterProScan 5.


Get KEGG pathway map based on KEGG orthology annotation.