What's New - CsiDB Project


May. 8

Some modify about the display of "BLAST" and "Gene Search".


Aug. 20

We have added the corresponding expression levels to genes involved in PPIs and metabolic pathways.

Jun. 21

We have integrated the Gene Search and PPI search page, and metabolic pathways for sweet orange genome, and updated the CAP database to Version 2.0.

Apr. 15

The metabolic pathways are added to CAP.

Mar. 20

Protein-protein interaction data is added to the website.

Jan. 11

We have set up the Gene Search page, users can submit gene locus, GO or InterPro category, or functional information, the server will return detailed gene annotation, including predicted functional information, homologs in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa, domain assignment, GO and Mapman annotation, etc.


Nov. 29

We have updated download data, the genome re-sequencing data for three mandarins and three pummelos are added.

Sep. 25

GBrowse Version 1.8 is updated to V2.4.

May. 10

RNA-seq and RNA-PET tracks are added to GBrowseV1.8.

Mar. 15

We have set up GBrowse V1.8 for reference sweet orange genome.